Beat Racer (2016)

Are you looking for a rhythm based music racing game in the Andriod/iOS marketplace? Well, look no further. If it’s quick reflexes, creative graphics, or amazing music then ‘Beat Racer’ will not disappoint.

Postknight (2017)

Is Postknight’s the new mobile RPG you should be playing? Whether you’re looking for a village to save, monsters to kill, or loot to grab, Postknight has you covered. ‘Postknight’ reimagines the best parts of role-playing games into bite-sized bits within an exciting delivery adventure.

Kiki’s Delivery Service (1989)

Words from the Writer When I was little there use to be a video rental store my parents would always go to on Friday nights. I remember one night after my dad rented a few movies one of them being my all time favorite horror movie to date: Child’s Play, and Kiki’s

Persona 3 The Movie: #3 Falling Down

Before we start I wrote this a few months back when I first started to write for EXP Grind. Never published it cause I felt that people wouldn’t enjoy this type of content from me. But after a few days I told myself, “Well… It’s done might as well put