Top 5 Games for Casual Gamers

So you love playing games, but just don’t have the time to invest on those blockbuster titles that may take 10-20 hours out of your life. Here is a list of what I consider to be the Top 5 Games for casual gamers, these games can satisfy the appetite for

Hurry for Fallout 4 DLC!

Are you prepared for a nuclear fallout? If you haven’t purchased the Season Pass for Fallout 4,then no you are not. On March 1, 2016 the price for the Fallout 4: Season Pass will jump up from $29.99USD to $49.99USD. No need to take any mentats to be smart enough

Anaheim’s Noble Ale 5th Year Anniversary

In the city of Anaheim, California there is a brewery called “Noble Ale Brewery”.  They are located in the middle of the Angels Stadium and the Honda Center. This brewery is most famous for their high quality full flavored craft brews, and their quality of freshness of ingredients in their high profile flavor brews.

Quantum Break, Pre-Ordered

So I just reserved the digital version of Quantum Break for my XBOX ONE console, this game was announced when the XBOX launched, so I’ve been keeping an eye on it since. The game is a third person shooter action adventure that is being developed by Remedy Entertainment, think of

Pokémon: Magiana (722)

  Serebii confirmed that as of February 10, 2016, on CoroCoro magazine, Pokémon will be realising a new Pokémon. Magiana (マギアナ), is number 722 and its a Man-Made Pokémon. This is a little exciting due to the fact that as of two days ago, Mewtwo was the only Man-Made Pokémon. As for Magiana’s

Top 10 anime of 2015

2015 past by so quickly for me. I’m happy that I was able to catch some of my favorite anime for the year despite working at a small cellphone company. I can remember trying to download anime at work and when I had days off to the point where it