How Video Games Enhance Kids’ Social Abilities

Video games that are specially designed to examine and enhance children’s social and psychological skills could empower teachers and parents to identify problems and help kids improve their behavior and performance at college in addition to in later life. This is a topic being talked about right now between professors

Microsoft Xbox now owns ‘inXile Entertainment’ and ‘Obsidian Entertainment’

In a broadcast from its Xbox Fanfest event this weekend, Microsoft announced the acquisition of two new video game studios: inXile Entertainment and Obsidian Entertainment. Both studios are headquartered in California, and both specialise in role-playing games. Both studios also have their roots in the 1990s “golden age” of computer RPGs, staffed by veteran

Artifact’s ArtiFAQ

Just a few minutes ago Artifact’s Twitter account tweeted that during the Preview Tournament that will be held on SteamTV tomorrow, Artifact will also be open for pre-order. Along with this news they also posted a link to what they are calling ArtiFAQ, where they answer a few questions that