2D Platformer Four Sided Fantasy Releases August 30th

A cool 2D platformer is releasing Tuesday August 30th for Steam (PC/Mac) and PS4. An XBOX One release will be delayed by a couple of days. Four Sided Fantasy is a 2D puzzle platformer inspired by Portal and Braid. The game is a seamless experience in which you have the ability to maneuver past obstacles using screen wrap. When you leave one side of the screen, you “wrap around” and come out on the other side, much like in Pac-Man or Asteroids. To catch a better understanding of screen wrap, watch the trailer at the end of this article.

FallToLedge03Being a 2D platformer with puzzle elements each new stage brings a little twist in the way the screen wrap works. So be prepared, and don’t get confident when you think you’ve mastered the mechanics. The graphics are beautiful and crisp. The video game’s art style was inspired by the illustrations of Justin Mezzell. Four Sided Fantasy is a spiritual successor to a game called The Fourth Wall. A 2D platformer with similar mechanics. One of the creators of, The Fourth Wall, Logan Fieth, is the front man of Four Sided Fantasy. And wanted to take his previous creation to the next level.

Four Sided Fantasy will retail for USD $9.99 and will be available as a downloadable game on the mentioned platforms. The game looks awesome and fun, and we can’t wait to try it. I wish the game would be released for the mobile platforms as well, like the 3DS or the PS Vita. This is the perfect kind of game to play on the go. Below are a couple of links with more information on Four Sided Fantasy. Let us know what you think about this new video game in the comments section.

The 2D platformer Four Sided Fantasy was created by LudoLand and published SerenityForge who also published a resent PS4 and Steam release Lifeless Planet.

Developer and Press page, official website, publisher’s site.

2D Platformer Four Sided Fantasy – Launch Trailer

Written by: Roberto Bahena

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