At EA’s Press conference, they talked about their up-coming games and new reveals. Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons creator Josef Fares along with EA revealed a new game called A Way Out. In A Way Out you can play one of two characters and the game must be played in Co-op with a buddy. The two characters in A Way Out must work together to escape from prison. You can play with a friend online or locally, although Fares mentioned he would rather you played next to your friend on the couch.

A Way Out Vincent and LeoThe two controllable characters in A Way Out are Vincent and Leo. The setting of the game looks to be like its taking place in the 70s. Fares mentions during the press conference that he wanted to push the boundaries of storytelling in a video game without compromising game play. A Way Out is only playable as co-op, and you will need each other to overcome obstacles throughout the game. There will be different ways to accomplish certain tasks and it is up to the players how they will solve their certain task at hand. And the two players will have a choice in splitting up tasks to accomplish their goals. For example, one player can distract a guard, while the other acquires a certain item needed for their escape. Also, a player can control a character while the other is watching a cut scene.

A Way Out is not just about breaking out of prison. Once you do break out, you will need to stay one step ahead of the law. Once out of prison, the characters will have to come to grip with their past, or maybe tying lose ends. There will be chase scenes and close calls. The game itself looks good, it reminds me a lot of Uncharted 4 for some reason. The co-op aspect of the game has grabbed my interest, it has been a while that I’ve played a story driven game with a buddy.

A Way Out Co-Op

The game is being developed by Fares’ brand-new studio Hazelight, and it is expected to launch early 2018. Watch the gameplay trailer video unveiled at EA’s press conference below. EA will be publishing as part of EA’s Originals program which brought us the great 2D game Unravel.

A Way Out Official Reveal Trailer

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Let us know what you think about this co-op only game, should more games be co-op only?

Written by: Roberto Bahena

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  1. Christian Galvez June 11, 2017 | Reply

    Literally the best game I saw at EA’s press conference!
    I think that the co-op feature looks pretty cool. Dynamic co-op shown in this game is going to change the enhance the story when it comes to playing games with friends.

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