Alien Covenant Trailer First Thoughts

20th Century Fox released the first official trailer for Alien Covenant this Christmas Day. We were treated to the first scenes of the new crew and ship, named Covenant. Talk about a Christmas present, this new Alien Covenant trailer has us very excited. Also on this trailer we get a glimpse of the new remote planet where our crew are sent to explore. And after meeting certain misfortune attempt to escape. Another awesome scene that cannot be ignored is the mysterious substance that was introduced in Prometheus. A movie that left more questions than answers. I cannot wait until Alien: Covenant is released, May 19, 2017.

Alien Covenant Trailer

Alien: Covenant is being directed by Ridley Scott and written by John Logan. It’s a sequel to the 2012 film Prometheus, which was met with mixed reviews by fans of the Alien franchise but nonetheless a very successful release. I thoroughly enjoyed Prometheus, but created more questions than answers about the whole Alien mythology. Ridley Scott has mentioned that Prometheus and Alien: Covenant are part of a trilogy that will lead up to the first Alien movie released back in 1979. We talked about this back when the official poster for Alien Covenant was released.

davidWe see Michael Fassbender as the android David back in one piece in this trailer. Per the official movie synopsis, he is the sole inhabitant of this remote planet that the Covenant’s crew is exploring. The Alien Covenant trailer doesn’t really hold back, as we get a glimpse of the facehuggers taking on a victim. The facehuggers look like the original form not the Trilobite form we see in Prometheus.

Perhaps what is the best and most important scene about this trailer is the last couple of seconds. During these moments, we get a glimpse of the original badass Xenomorph, at least I think it’s the original. It could be a slightly different variation of the Xenomorph. Here’s hoping that we get more info on the Xenomorph species and their possible creators the Pilots. Stay tuned here at The EXP Grind for more info on the new Alien flick as the information develops. We will bring you a full review when the movie premiers.


Alien Covenant Trailer

Written by: Roberto Bahena

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