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Fallout 4 Resource Glitch

Fallout 4 Resource Glitch
With the recent Fallout 4 store glitch being out of commission, those on playing on a console had no way of gathering resources, caps, etc via a bug in the game. Now most players don’t abuse the bugs that are found due to making the game easier, such as the bullet glitch. The bug allowed the player to sell a set number of bullets and it would duplicate while still being sold to the vendor, even if they did not have enough caps to to give. Many used this exploit in order to gather resources, ammo, items and weapons. But as of today, a reddit user by the name of /u/Dream-Brother found a glitch to duplicate resources. Here it is step by step;Place all junk in a crafting storage, makes it easier to find the resource to duplicate. With the ‘Junk’ in your inventory, drop it somewhere on the ground. Enter Build ...