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REVIEW: Undertale

Undertale_coverThe game of the year, for 2015 as we already know is The Witcher III. But if you were to ask me, “Hey, Martin what’s the best game from 2015?” I’d turn around in my chair with a corncob pipe (adding atmosphere) and say to you, “Sit down my child, and let me tell you of an amazing game called Undertale.” Yes that’s right Undertale was by far the best game of 2015. Now now, I’m not saying The Witcher III is a bad game it’s just it didn’t resonate as well as Undertale did with me, but we’ll be getting to why in few minutes. First a bit of the plot, all though by now I’m sure you already know about Undertale.

You start off as a child, whom at this point only knows that he has fallen into some sort of Ruins. It turns out you have no name at all. Your first encounter is a sentient, yes a sentient flower who goes by the name Flowey. Who tries to kill us just to amuse himself, but is stopped by Toriel. A motherly monster that teaches the player how to solve puzzles and figure out conflicts in what is known as the Underground. After take a stroll with her she reveals that she’s wanting to adopt you. As we leave the Ruins we begin our journey in this unfamiliar world.

Throughout Undertale you have the options of killing your enemies and leveling in an RPG fashion or sparing them. If you let your enemy live, you will only receive money and no exp whatsoever. So, you can beat the game at level 1, but your health will never increase which, leads to some interesting fights.

When I first heard about Undertale it was from my brother, who at the time bought it when it first came out. He asked if I wanted to try it so, I said, “Yes.” Now mind you, I know nothing of the game. I simply thought it was an RPG. The first thing you actually get the chance to fight is a training dummy. Toriel tells you to just talk to it. I attacked it. My brother then proceeds to tell me that Toriel did in fact say talk to the dummy and then explained that in Undertale you don’t have to fight anything at all and showed me that you can beat the end boss with no kills, but at that point I just said, “Screw it, I already attacked it, so I’m committing to killing everything.”

Undetale image 2

One point I want to make is the music in Undertale is great. I will sit at work listening to a few tracks from the game just because. I mean yeah, sure the characters you’ll meet are funny and great too, but the music is what made it for me. Oh, I forgot to tell you about how the game keeps track of everything you do throughout your adventure. At the beginning of the game you’ll come across a bowl of candy. Keep taking candy and the bowl will fall down and break. This will be brought up later in the game. Everything you do affects the game some small, some big. Making each playthrough different from the last and this is something I really like in a game; Is the ability to approach almost every interactable situation differently.

Secondly, the boss fights are fun and make you think about how to handle the situation. From time to time you might even find yourself sitting in your chair not doing anything just so you can listen to the music playing in the background, I found myself doing this very often. The only thing I don’t like is how some of the boss fights will start to feel a little tedious in a no kill run. There will be times where you’ll want to quit, but you’ll find yourself sitting there for a few more hours trying to beat Undertale, so you can start all over again and experience a whole new story.

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Finally, Undertale proves that you don’t need Unreal Engine 3 or 4 graphics to make a great game. The storyline, the way characters interact with one another, the fighting or not fighting mechanic, multiple endings, and the music is what makes this game so amazing.I can even talk about how some of Undertale’s community has and is digging up all of the secrets they can find within Undertale.

At the end of the day I have to give Undertale a 9.5/10. Over all I would greatly recommend this game to anyone looking for an addicting and beautiful RPG.


Written by: Martin Porras

Just your avid Video Gamer and Anime watcher.

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