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REVIEW: Just Cause 3

jstcause3carJust Cause 3 is a extremely fun game. Its non stop fast paced action and chaos. The sound track is great and enhances the destruction you cause all over the island of Medici. The game play mechanics are easy to learn and intuitive. There is a crazy amount of weapons and vehicles to choose from and use for endless possibilities of chaos. The only real issue is some long loading time but if you crave explosions and destruction super mobility and just the right amount of humor then this game is the one you are looking for.

Taking on the role of Rico Rodriguez you will be able to use all sort of amazing gadgets to cause the most creative destruction possible in order to liberate your home of Medici. Your main source of destruction is the grappling hook. It can be used for a number of desired effects. From launching you to an object or over an object with the help of your unlimited parachute, sending you feet first into an enemy or sending an explosive barrel or enemy into any object you want. Other than that destruction and chaos is rained down on the enemy with your standard assortment of pistols, rifles, rockets, grenades and vehicle mounted heavy weapons with unlimited ammo. My only problem with the gunplay was the lack of iron sight aiming. I like my shooting games to have at least a zoom with more than just the sniper rifle although you can unlock precision aiming after collecting enough gears to upgrade and have a slight zoom with any weapon.

Your grappling hook, parachute and wingsuit make for an amazingly fun way for you to get around the island. You can use all three items in combinations to literally climb or traverse any obstacle in a quick and entertaining manner. My personal favorite is the wingsuit because you have a bird like freedom and can dive down on enemies like a fucking American bald eagle. The combination of all three gives you the feel of complete freedom over travel through out the game. Not to mention the military Humvees, tanks, planes, jets and massive cargo planes you can unlock and use at your disposal.

justcause3gunThe graphics are stunning and leave nothing to be desired with the massive landscape to traverse and beautiful oceans. The towns and cities you will spend your time liberating to advance in the campaign are gorgeous. The task of liberating town and cities is your main source of action in the game and can get slightly repetitive but with all the ways to cause destruction the player should have no trouble staying entertained. You will also be able to upgrade pretty much ever aspect of you gameplay by collecting gears. You can use them to upgrade you grappling hook, wingsuit, grenades, weapons, and vehicles. There are several other side activities like races to keep you busy as well.

Just Cause 3 is action packed and entertaining.  It has just enough story line and humor to keep you playing without going over the top into the realm of ridiculous. Overall I am a huge fan of the game and enjoy the freedom of movement and destruction. (Xbox one – gamer tag DieselBuff)



Written by: JW Corman

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