REVIEW: Collaboration not Litigation

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REVIEW: Collaboration not Litigation

Collaboration not Litigation Ale by Avery Brewing Co and Russian River Brewing Co

It’s always nice when two can come together as one. In marriage it’s celebrated by a ceremony, for beer it’s celebrated in a crowded pub in Santa Rosa, CA between two distinguished Brewing Companies. This union I’m referring to is Collaboration not Litigation Ale by Avery Brewing Co and Russian River Brewing Co, that sits at a surprising 8.9% ABV. This ale came from two beers of the same name, Salvation, from two big name breweries in different states. These companies found themselves in what could have been a legal dispute over name rights instead came together in 2006 to create the first batch of Collaboration not Litigation Ale.

Ales are a type of beer that are fermented in warmer temperatures, which helps create a fruity and sweet taste. Collaboration not Litigation does not disappoint with its full-bodied and fruity taste. Drinking it reminds me of what I should be drinking in colder climates, but alas I reside in Southern California where winter is 60° F. Avery Brewing Co is stationed in Boulder, CO and continue to wow me with their great tasting beers. Russian River Brewing Co is one of, if not the biggest names in West Coast craft beer community. One of their flagship beers continues to be one of the most sought after double IPAs today.

This bottle of Collaboration not Litigation was bottled in January of this year, and is the ninth batch from Avery and Russian River Brewing Co. With each batch, it seems it does not disappoint and even supersedes the prior. Its aroma contains a slight citrus and dry fruit character. I know I’m about to enjoy a well balanced ale when I smell it. When I sip on it, I get a sweet and tamed yeast on my taste buds which leaves me satisfied. There is very little lacing on this beer, and not much head on top. However that is a characteristic of most ales. The color has some fog to it, but is somewhat lighter in color than what I would expect from an ale.

Collaboration not Litigation is definitely the best ale both breweries have to offer. It is an example that two heads, or in the case two beers, are better than one. This beer was very much enjoyed on this last day of a fantastic weekend. After finishing my pour, I found myself yearning for another. I would give this beer an 8/10, for its refreshing and full-bodied taste. I’m excited for the next batch that will reassuringly come next year.

Written by: Edgar Reyes

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