REVIEW: Hooloomooloo DIPA

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REVIEW: Hooloomooloo DIPA

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Since their beginning in 2013, Modern Times has continued to wow this writer with their various beer styles. Described on their site as “aroma-driven, complex, flavorful, sessionish beers.” On the menu now is a double IPA Hooloomooloo, that is described by Modern Times as a hoppy tropical double IPA.

Hooloomooloo is a refreshing IPA after a long week of work, and very smooth for its 10.0% ABV. The minimal alcohol bite makes this beer very drinkable, luckily I enjoyed this on Friday night. However, the only tropical taste I got was in the aftertaste.

The tongue – tying name is named after a fictional island full of exiles in the South Pacific from Herman Melville’s Madri, and a Voyage Thither. Maybe you can pick up a copy to read as you savor this double IPA.

This beer was brewed by Modern Times, based in Southern California, who have been pumping out much more bottles and cans as of late; Not a bad problem to have when shopping for a new beer to try. Almost as if everything on tap in in their taproom is is being put into distribution. Again, not a problem for a craft beer enthusiast. If craft beer isn’t your style, they do sell bags of their coffee which they roast on site.

Full of copious amounts of hops from around the world, and apparently too many to list on the bottle, Hooloomooloo didn’t give out a lot of hop in my sips. Which would make sense if sweet was what Modern Times was aiming for.

The taste was overall very floral yet resinated, and the aroma smelled like many other double IPAs I’ve enjoyed in the past. There was very little head when it was poured which lead to smaller amount of lacing on the glass. As it sat in my glass, there was slight fogging, but not enough that I couldn’t see through the liquid.

Double IPAs are essentially just IPAs with more hops and ultimately a higher alcohol by volume (ABV). Some might say that Russian River created the double IPA with Pliny the Elder, but nothing for certain.

What are IPAs? They are India Pale Ales, which historically are an extension of Pale Ales that were part of an East India Trading Company once upon a time. Now, here we are today, with too many IPAs in Southern California to name.

I did enjoy Hooloomooloo, it was a great tasting Double IPA, but based off the description I expected more “tropical” than just my aftertaste. The aroma was disappointing in distinguishing this Double from many others. Maybe the hops were too overpowering, the bottle description did say, “dry, intensely hoppy double IPA.”

I would recommend this brew if you are looking for a great Double IPA but are avoiding bitterness and a strong alcohol bite. I give Hooloomooloo a 8/10 for a great and unique taste. I am looking forward to a trip to Modern Times myself to see what else I can discover. Cheers!

Written by: Edgar Reyes

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