REVIEW: Modern Times “Floating World” IPA

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REVIEW: Modern Times “Floating World” IPA

Modern time floating world IPAModern times is a brewery located in San Diego, famous for their strong focus on more aroma-driven, complex, and rich session beers. The Modern Times “Floating World” is a  tropical IPA that is made with a super elusive J-17 and very rare Southern Passion South African hops. This American IPA has an ABV of 7.80% and is considered a limited edition brew.

The smell was one of the first things that hit me. It reminded me of pineapples and a very acute indication of mangoes. The texture was very similar to a regular IPA with it’s mild carbonation and yellow almost hazy complexion. The look was a golden fizzed “out-worldly” and cloudy, with a great clean white headed finish. Perfect in a mug or stein. Drinking this beer is like drinking an IPA with a little hint of tropical fruit. The taste was very crispy and smooth, thanks to the fruit infused tropical fruits. I honestly can’t say that I have ever had an IPA that taste like this one.

As i poured another glass of the Floating World, the fruit aroma was first thing that I noticed again. IT really does have that hint of apricots, pineapples, and more. Such a great blend of tropical fruits at 7.8% is great for me. The beer doesn’t taste boozy at all, the ABV percentage is still surprising to me.

Rating this beer as one of my favorite IPA’s, I give it a 10/10. One day i will make the long trip to San Diego to visit the actual Modern Time’s Taproom. But for the meantime, I will be back to Total Wine in Torrance, CA next week to see what else I can try. Be sure to read my review next week, as I try more IPA style beers.

Written by: Christian Galvez

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