REVIEW: Anne Happy

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REVIEW: Anne Happy

Here it is, finally an Anne Happy review. This review has taken me a few days, because I originally wanted to post the opening to Anne Happy, but couldn’t find a way to message the person that own the channel, so yea. If your a person on YouTube and upload anime openings here and there please email me; email below. Also in some news, I’m going to be working on a few anime reviews along with Summer 2016 anime, so you’ll see a mix or anime from both seasons. So now on to the review.


This anime is centered around Class 1-7 of Tennomifune Academy, where all the students have “bad karma”. Hibari is a student in this class and meets Hanako, an unlucky girl, and Botan, who is perennially unhealthy. Together with the a few other classmates they are trying to turn their “bad karma” around and have a happy school life.

The Good

Anne Happy 2Anne Happy has an amazing art style and I know a lot of people cant really see the difference in art styles with anime, but there is a slight difference. To me this anime has a bright color scheme compared to other anime. It also has a very light-hearted feel to it. The characters are fun and all have a different aspects to them that makes you feel for each one. There are also a lot of funny moments that will make you giggle or straight up laugh.

As for the reason I put the intro to Anne Happy in the begin is because I really do enjoy the song and how upbeat it is. Along with that I’m not the type of person that really likes to watch an anime intro that often. I’ll watch the intro on the first episode and after a while I’ll end up getting tired of it, but Anne Happy was different.

I know I’m not going to much in depth with this part of the review, but how can I when there’s not much wrong with this anime. A plot is talked about in the first three episodes and it’s there out in the open. All the characters are trying to do is get rid of their bad luck or at least bring it to a point that they can have fun with it. Character development is also there and you see the characters grow in each episode. By far this anime is just great to me.

The Bad

Anne Happy 1I did say there isn’t much wrong with Anne Happy, but I do just have one issue with it. In one of the episodes it shows Ruri picking out different clothes for a class trip the girls are going to have. In this scene she in what looks like lingerie, silk see through pink dress with underwear underneath. It’s explained that Ruri lives alone and her parents are always away from home, so its kind of understandable. BUT, aren’t these girls a little to young to be wearing things like that?

Now, some people might not have an issue with a scene like that and it always happens in anime, but I am a gentleman. If I where to go over to some girls house and she answered the door dressed in lingerie or hell just a shirt and no bra my first response would be to look away and say hello all awkwardly. But again this is a small issue I have with the anime and some guys might be turned away from Anne Happy because of this.

Final Thoughts

Like I said before this is an amazing anime and honestly I would recommend this to a lot of people male or female. If you a dude who watches anime, like me, and you want to introduce it to your significant other who doesn’t really watch anime then I would say to sit down and watch this anime. Y’all will have a blast watching it, you’ll laugh and feel for these characters. Same goes for women who have a significant other who doesn’t watch anime.


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The Good

  • Funny and a good time all around
  • Good character devolpment

The Bad

  • Not many people will like it

Written by: Martin Porras

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