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REVIEW: Firewatch

I took a chance with this game, I saw several posts on the PS4 sub-reddit, the art, and the story itself are what caught my attention. I sat down for an hour and started up the game, the beginning intro had me make a few choices that change the story. The game starts off on Day 1, getting a task from the firewatcher supervisor Delilah about some teens shooting fireworks in the forest. Having to walk around in the forest with only a map and compass, I found myself wandering from a few different paths on my way to those troublesome teens. The little talks between Henry and Delilah are rather interesting, having to report almost every little thing, with a few deep conversations between each other.


The overall graphics are what really caught my attention. Being solely interested in story-based games, I became invested in my choices for Henry, having to decide if I should tell Delilah about why I took the job or to just ignore and talk about something else gave me a sense of control over how I want the story to go. Closer towards the end of the story, I found that my choices didn’t really affect much of the end result, but the end conversation does have a few different dialogues depending on the options you choose. The game runs well on the PS4, aside from a few stuttering frames. I managed to beat the story mode in under 4 hours, a short game, but for anyone looking for an interesting story, it’s well worth the price.

Written by: Charlie "Reaper" Bahena

Game enthusiast and level 60 ninja in the world of Eorzea.

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