REVIEW: Shounen Maid

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REVIEW: Shounen Maid

Well hello everyone, we’re back to writing things on EXP Grind. You might be wondering why we haven’t uploaded anything the past few weeks. Well, let me tell you we were on the hype train for Overwatch, worked on a podcast, and even have two new writers. So, if you have the chance go check out Arturo Alvarez’s review on Babymetal and Easton Dowdy’s review of the Warcraft movie.


Shounen Maid 2But now onto the real reason you’re here: a review on Shounen Maid. The anime is based on Chihiro who is left homeless after his mothers death and not wanting to live with his relatives because they where saying some pretty mean stuff about his mother who got pregnant by some guy who left her to raise Chihiro on her own. His uncle, Madoka, shows up and plans to take care of him, but is instead hired to work as a maid and clean the house Madoka owns. Shounen Maid follows the daily life of Chihiro as maid and how the connection between him and his uncle grows.



Let me get a one thing out of the way, I’m not into Shoujo manga/anime, I just watch whatever seems interesting based off the first three episodes. With that said let me tell you I did enjoy the first three episodes, but after a while I started to realize there was no plot at all besides some character development.  The character development isn’t bad, but when I can watch five more episodes and none of those episodes were in order and it still seem to make sense, that’s pretty bad. For example I watched episode three then went to episode five, skipped episode six, saw episodes seven, eight, four, then six in that order and didn’t realize it until I saw the preview to episode seven. I was pretty mad, like what the hell.

It also didn’t take me a few episodes to realize the old lady Chihiro was talking to was his grandmother. Things like this make me mad and make me not want to continue watching it. I know it’s a small thing, but plot is a very important thing and if an anime that seems to be plot heavy to continue the story, then put it out front and make it that if you missed an episode you’ll realize it one episode in. Now in some anime like Anne Happy, its okay, its meant to be a light-hearted anime and its meant to just be something fun. But in an anime where a side character has a crush on another side character, or the connection between two characters is important, plot must be present.

Final Thoughts

Shounen Maid 4Now that’s just my option and if your someone who enjoys Shounen Maid that’s cool, but as for where I am with it I would not be able to recommend this to many people. I’d probably recommend this anime to a few girls I know who’d enjoy this type of anime.

Now now, Chihiro and Madoka don’t look at me like that. I might end up watching this anime again one day just to see if my option has changed and if it has I might end up re-doing this review. But until that day I’m just going to sit back let this series finish.

The Good

  • Good character development
  • Alright art style

The Bad

  • Plot is almost nonexistent
  • Not for everyone

Written by: Martin Porras

Just your avid Video Gamer and Anime watcher.

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  1. Christian Galvez June 17, 2016 | Reply

    Lol, the most nonchalant writer I’ve seen. Also don’t a t like your not into Shoujo anime.

    • Martin Porras June 18, 2016 | Reply

      I enjoy a lot of anime, but Shoujo or Shōjo is aimed towards female teenagers. And based on my past with some female anime fans they can take a lot of those manga/anime and turn it into Yaoi. Not saying I have a problem with Yaoi or Shōjo, but it’s not my cup of tea per say.

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