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REVIEW: Street Fighter V

This pivotal fighting games makes it return with Street Fighter 5. It features some of its classic all-star cast including Ryu, Ken, Chun Li, and M. Bison as well as some fan favorites including Cammi, Karin, Dhalsim, Zangief, Birdie, Vega, R. Mika and Nash and a few new characters to test your skill with.

For me the biggest change and upgrade is the ne V-trigger system. It replaces the old ultra system from SF IV and adds a whole new aspect of play to the game that makes it feel much more fluid. The V – trigger gauge is filled by either taking damage or using your V- skill. Once filled it can be used by any character using the Hard Punch + Hard Kick. Each character’s V-trigger gauge move is different but can help turn the tide of the battle. Ryu, my favorite character to use gets electricity and powered up moves for a limited time. He gains extra damage on most of his special moves but each special move executed reduces the amount of time he spends in the V trigger mode. The V – skill moves help power up your V – trigger gauge but also had some interesting effects. Ryu’s V- skill gives him the ability to counter any single attack and is very useful to help initiate combos.

The new characters are interesting and fun to play. There is Necalli who to me seems like an adaptation of Blanka. Necalli is a brutal power hitter from unknown origins. He has some heavy power moves but is balanced out with some very quick dash moves. Next comes Rashid who happens to be my favorite new character. Rashid of middle eastern origins, guessing from his costume and name is a swift mobile fighter with a great set up specials that can overwhelm you opponent if launched correctly. He can kick small tornadoes that start off ground level and move upwards to counter air attacks as well as perform most of his specials from a dash, if you like speed then I highly recommend trying him. Then there is Laura a Brazil grappler. She has heavy damage and electricity. She is a fun versatile character but a little slow for my taste. The last new character is F.A.N.G. He is a fluid character who uses poison and some quick steps to his advantage. His projectiles make for great anti air moves and his poison will slow drain an opponent until he takes damage from that character.

I am a huge fan of the updated combat and V- trigger system. The game feels much more balanced than previous street fighters. The combos feel much easier to learn and execute. Viscous combos and the V- triggers and skills give every character a way to destroy their opponents.

The game looks absolutely amazing and every stage is vibrant and beautiful. Some levels even have outer walls you can break and burst in to all new parts of that level. The character models look great and the textures hold true to the original 2-D characters that fans have come to know and love from the series. One of the problems I have with the game are the short stories modes for each characters. Usually only 3 to 4 matches. Also the lack of arcade mode is kind of upsetting and I don’t understand why Capcom would decide not to put this mode in the game seeing as it is one of the pillars of any fighting games especially the Street Fighter Franchise.

I think overall Capcom did an awesome job with this game. It looks and plays wonderfully. The characters are fun and interesting and will have you wanting to try every single one of them. It is very well balanced so that even a person playing for the first time can pick it up easily. I give this game an 8.7.

Written by: Michael Vargas

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