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REVIEW: Tom Clancy’s The Division – Updated

The_Division_boxTom Clancy’s The Division is an open-world third-person shooter; with more and more open-world games coming out to consoles, The Division offers its own unique style of play, from gun customizations, to character creation, and better equipment gained as the player’s level increases. Taking place in a quarantine New York, having a large map to explore, and plenty of events, even the player versus player area is somewhat of a large area. The exploring can be tiresome if one is playing alone, running between one side of the map to the other takes several minutes, but it does offer several opportunities to find new side missions, weapons, clothing, and just your basic lore that adds more to the world.

Being an RPG based game, it doesn’t require help from others to finish the main story line, nor any other missions. The one and only mission in the beta, had the player fight through the Madison Square Garden to rescue a doctor in order to improve the players home base. The mission wasn’t difficult, and if you are playing alone, it does give an option to search for other players. Completing the mission triggers the health clinic to open up at the player’s home base, and provides the “healer” class skills, which opens up side missions that will gain you experience and options to improve that section of the base.
The Dark Zones, a player versus player section, I didn’t have much time to in the Dark Zones. On my first adventure in to the PVP area, not much is explained. My encounter involved a few players protecting an area that had a helicopter picking up packages, with one other player trying to take them down. I wasn’t aware of what was happening until I shot one of the defending players on accident. That one shot made me in a Rouge agent and within moments, all the players near me began to attack and kill me. It’s great when a group of random strangers get together and hunt down Rouge agents, it adds a good level of fun to the PVP zones.

Overall, the beta gives a glimpse of what the final game will be, it has gone through several changes from when it was first announced, it’s turning out to be a great game. But it’s not without its flaws, one being a big map with almost no fast method of transportation between sections. Perhaps this will change in the final release.

This is just a review on the Closed Beta, full review once the game is released in March. Stay tuned. Open Beta review below

The Division Open Beta Review Update

divisionupdateWith the end of the open beta, plenty of players have gotten a taste of what The Division is all about. During this beta, Ubisoft added a few extra side missions and one new main mission. The map is still the same size as in the closed beta, but a few closed spots were now open. The main mission was just a simple quest, but one thing that it did not have was co-op nor was there an option to change the difficulty like in the Madison Field Hospital mission. I did try some of side quests, one being a multi-part mission had me searching for a missing person using Echo in certain locations.

Now, let’s go to the Dark Zone, with more players in the open beta than the closed beta, the PVP zones had more players in it, but I couldn’t play with two of my friends because I was one level higher than them. I did enjoy playing in the Dark Zone, finally finding some powerful weapons, I chose to extract them via helicopter instead of just returning to safe zone. I quickly regretted that decision, the moment the timer ran out and the chopper was right above, I was betrayed by a few other players who were helping me defend. I lost the ACR rifle that I’ve obtained and a few other items. I felt devastated but learned that no one can truly be trusted in the Dark Zone.

Overall, I did enjoy the added mission and more popular Dark Zone, but even with a big map and no sign of fast travel, having to go from location to location did prove to be a bit boring. Not much goes on in the streets, but we shall see how it holds up in the final release.

Full review once the game is released in March. Stay tuned.

Written by: Charlie "Reaper" Bahena

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