The Walking Dead: Michonne Give No Shelter

Catch part one of episode 2 – The Walking Dead: Michonne Give No Shelter. This episode is more intense and there is a lot more action than the first episode. I thought the first episode was a bit slow, but I’m glad I stuck around. The Walking Dead is popular for its moral choices and shock value, and boy does it deliver with Give No Shelter, just watch the video and you’ll understand.

This is part one of the second episode, delivered with no commentary at 1080p full HD, leave a comment and let us know what you think. Would you rather our videos have commentary, or not? Or both, I’m planning on doing commentary for certain games, and no commentary for my video walk-throughs. Remember that we also have our Twitch channel where we stream classic titles and the latest blockbusters alike.

The Walking Dead: Michonne is a Telltale Games game.

Written by: Roberto Bahena

Roberto Bahena is a founder of The Exp Grind. Here he focuses on news articles and the Youtube channel and keeping the sever running smooth. His full time occupation is as a Web Developer for Extima Web Development. Follow him for video game news, video walkthroughs and the occasional web dev tip.

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