Official Xbox One X Price Revealed

Official Xbox One X price of 499.99. Geoff Keighley, the gaming journalist, has today leaked via Twitter that Xbox Scorpio, now officially named XBOX ONE X will be released at $499. The announcement came hours before the Microsoft E3 2017 presentation. The price was confirmed today at E3 presentations. Microsoft

All Eyez on Me Trailer

When casting resurrects a guy to be the star in his own movie, you know they mean business. Joking aside, I’m apprehensive when it comes to Demetrius Shipp Jr.’s ability to pull this off. According to IMDB, this will be Shipp’s first major role. Let’s not beat around the bush,

Top 5 Synthwave Tracks

Flashworx – Futurisma The introduction to this track seems so futuristic. If that was the point, it nailed it. The length of the song is perfect, in that it keeps you satisfied. There’s no boredom here; the second you feel it coming on, the song changes tune just enough to keep you

Kanye’s New Album and Single Announcement

Kanye West recently announced his new album “Cruel Winter” or Turbo Grafx 16, for which there is currently 7 tracks. As of right now, we are not aware of a release date.
Kanye dropped new single “Champions” on The Bigboy Radio show; the instrumentals for this track were created over a year ago, where the vocals were added only recently. The song features Travis Scott, Big Sean, 2 Chaniz, Yo Gotti, Quavo, Desiigner, and recently released from prison Gucci Mane.
Kanye branded the features on the single “The Avengers of Hip-Hop”.