Xbox One X the new member of Microsoft

Ladies and Gentlemen, boys and girls, the time is here! Xbox has just finished their press conference and let me tell you, they did a pretty good job showing what the Project Scorpio was all about. So I will save you the small talk, and we are going to jump

Samsung Galaxy S8 & S8+ [TheExpGrind]

Ladies and Gentleman the time is finally here!!! Samsung has just unveiled their newest models of smart phones. We have all been waiting for this day, unless you are an apple user of course. This really isn’t going to be a review, this is just going to be a very

Scalebound Canceled

You guys I am so disappointed. When I heard the news, I was like “Pfft yeah right they wouldn’t dare do this to us,” but I was wrong. Yes it has been confirmed that the highly, let me repeat that, THE HIGHLY ANTICIPATED action role playing game Scalebound has been