Artifact’s ArtiFAQ

Just a few minutes ago Artifact’s Twitter account tweeted that during the Preview Tournament that will be held on SteamTV tomorrow, Artifact will also be open for pre-order. Along with this news they also posted a link to what they are calling ArtiFAQ, where they answer a few questions that

T-Mobile Samsung and LG sale?

Are you a T-Mobile customer? Well if you are today is a good time for you to renew out of your 2+ year old phone. T-Mobile is offering an LG V20 for $15 a month right now along with the Samsung Galaxy S7 and S7 edge. The LG V20 normally goes

Final Fantasy XIV Fan Festival Keynote

If some of you are wondering why I haven’t been posting things to The EXP Grind I’ve sort of been playing Final Fantasy XIV none stop for one reason and one reason alone. The new expansion Final Fantasy XIV: Stormblood expected to arrive on June 20th for Windows PC, PlayStation

Shovel Knight on the Nintendo Switch?

With the Nintendo Switch press conference less then 48 hours away, Yatch Club Games has announced some really big news for Shovel Knight fans and those wanting to know what games will be on the Switch. Shovel Knights will be ported over to the Switch! Treasure Trove and Specter of

Gigantic: Preview

Gigantic is a free-to-play MOBA developed by Motiga, an independent game studio based out of Bellevue, Washington. The studio has more than 80 game developers, all of who are passionate in creating a magical game experience for their fans along with moving the industry forward. Motiga has been working on

Top 5 anticipated anime of Summer 2016 (Late)

Before we head into the top 5 anticipated/favorite anime of Summer 2016, let me say a few things. First, instead of this just being my top 5 anticipated anime, I decided to ask r/anime what their most anticipated anime was. A * next to the anime’s name represents redditor’s choice. I

Two new Pokemon in Sun and Moon

CoroCoro Magazine has leaked two new Pokemon for Sun and Moon. One called Nekkoala, and based on the name yes its a Koala. The second, is Iwanko a puppy like Pokemon. Nekkoala, is a Half Awake Pokemon. He is a Normale type that has the ability Definite Sleep which prevents

Pokemon Sun and Moon Starters!!!

Earlier today Pokemon announced the three new starters for the upcoming game Pokemon Sun and Moon. Along with the three new starters they have also shown the two new legendary Pokemon that will be on the box art of the case. The names of the new legendaries has yet to be