Binding of Isaac: Rebirth is available on iOS…

Binding of Isaac: Rebirth is now available on iOS for $15. The price might make you not want to buy it if you have not played Binding of Isaac or Rebirth, but trust me when I tell you there is a lot of things in Rebirth and definitely is worth your hard earned $15. Too give you some idea as to what you can expect.

  • 500+ hours of gameplay
  • 20 Challenge runs
  • 2-player local co-op (mobile controller required)
  • 10 playable characters
  • 50+ bosses and new/rare bosses
  • 3+ billion seeded runs
  • ALOT of items and unlockables

Some people might not like the story or the fact that there is little pop things scattered around in rooms, but you’ll more or less forget about that due to the fact that every time you die you will re-spawn in a randomly generated dungeon. If your a fan of anything that comes from the mind of Edmund McMillen and have always wanted to play Rebirth while on the toilet, at the buss stop, during lunch, or in the middle of class, but couldn’t afford a 3DS or Vita well now you can!

I know my little 14 year old sister will end up buy Rebirth after watching my brother play it a few times a month. Will you buy rebirth for your iPad/iPhone? Where are you going to be playing it? Do you already own the original version of Binding of Isaac or Rebirth? Let us know in the comment section below.

Written by: Martin Porras

Just your avid Video Gamer and Anime watcher.

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