Blizzard’s Diablo 3 “Necromancer” Finally Introduced

Blizzard finally is trying to step the game Diablo 3. Diablo 3: Reaper of Souls has been going through seasonal updates, bug fixes, and small updates. The team earlier this week released the new cinematic trailer for the necromancer. Check out the trailer below.

Necromancer Male/Female

The story for the necro is still a little shadowed. We hope to more with the new necro story in the upcoming months. I do actually remember the necro being a side quest in Diablo 3 (vanilla). It was a quick side quest in Act 2. I’m not sure if anyone can confirm that for me, but I’m pretty sure it was the Necromancer from Diablo 2. In the trailer, you can hear both voices from the male and the female versions of the necromancer.

Necromancer Playstyle

In an interview with Blizzard, it seemed like the more important concern was to portray the character as close to the original necromancer from Diablo. What was said was: “We really wanted to explore the feeling that you got in Diablo 2 of being a commander of the dead and leading an army. That influenced some of the outfits that they wear.” I was recently watching a YouTuber ‘Rhykker’ beta test the new update for the Necro. The character seems very fast, being able to almost teleport between enemies groups. He goes into an in-depth view of each skill and play style.

Either way, I’ve always been on the fence when it comes to Diablo 3. I was a big Diablo 2 fan, and Diablo 3 has always left a bad taste in my mouth since it was released. I did switch over to Path of Exiles (PoE) for a bit, but it never did quite feel like Diablo 2 to me. Both games really are separate and should stay that way. I hope Blizzard can pull Diablo out of the trenches, and make it a game worth playing in the new Necromancer update. Let me know in the comments below.

Do you think Diablo 3 will still be played by many people in the upcoming years? Or will Blizzard drop the ball, yet again? Let me know in the comments below.

Written by: Christian Galvez

Christian is the founder of The EXP Grind. He is interested in Indie musicians, Video Games, Anime, and just about anything in Arts and Entertainment. He tries to find art with true meaning in the new and upcoming artists and hopes to reach more creative professionals.

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