Call of Duty WWII at E3 2017 Saved the Franchise!

The first day of E3 has just wrapped up for today, and there was a lot to see in just one day, the best thing is that tomorrow is going to be another day and I cannot wait to see what day 2 has in store for everyone here at TheExpGrind. Now, enough about how the first day was, and how much stuff there is. I really was only there to see one thing and that was the new Call of Duty WWII! I am not a professional Call of Duty player, if you see my Rage Quit segment on Twitch then you know that I rage a lot when it comes to Call of Duty.

I was able to finally play the newly highly anticipated Call of Duty game and to be honest with you, I only have good things to say about the game, and maybe like 2 bad things to say about the game.

Team Deathmatch and Domination

Call of Duty WWII, in my opinion, is going to save the franchise! I only had 30 mins to play the game, and we only played Team Deathmatch and Domination. For the little time that I had playing the game, I can for sure say that the franchise will be saved. Call of Duty this year finally went back to its roots and we are back to boots on the ground, which is something the fans have been wanting since day one.  The maps are a lot smaller, so don’t go into the game expecting big maps that take a while to just flank the enemy.

We only played 2 maps during the 30 mins. The first one took place in the trenches, and that was the Team Deathmatch game mode. I can now confirm for a fact that the game will end after a team gets a total of 75 kills.  I know some of you may think that the game is going to go by slowly, but that is where you are wrong. Now, this may sound a little weird, but the games are quick, and slow at the same time. It is not because people are camping, and it is not because maps are too small. SledgeHammer Games evened everything out to make sure each multiplayer game runs smoothly and quickly.

Call of Duty Comparison

SledgeHammer Games did disappoint a lot of the Call of Duty community when they came out with Advanced Warfare and implemented the godforsaken Supply drop system. We then started to see all the other Call of Duty games implement the same exact system. Call of Duty Black Ops III and Infinite Warfare were part of the Supply drop system.  It is hard to say if they are going to doing the same thing with Call of Duty WWII, but if I were to bet money on it, they are going to do the Supply drop system in a unique way.

Call of Duty WWII did confirm, and I can also confirm that there is no more create-a-class system in the game. So, since there are already pre-set classes, I feel that when they do the Supply drop, they are going to do variants of the pre-set classes. SO instead of you having a Bar (which is one of the guns that I used) with a sight on it, you will have the Bar with extended mags instead. If, and I do mean IF they do this in Call of Duty WWII, then Call of Duty WWII will be a “pay to win” game.

Kill-streaks vs. Score-streaks

Enough about the Supply drop system, let me tell you about the important part which to me is the time to kill and the score streaks. The time to kill I can easily compare it to Call of Duty Black Ops 2. It is hands down the exact time to kill, in my opinion of course. Now I thought we were going to go back to kill-streaks, vs. score-streaks, but no. We were only able to use 4 score-streaks in the game. We had the classic UAV, Counter-UAV, Flamethrower, and Fighter plane (I think it might have been called the attack plane). Now I know that some of you may be thinking, “

Now I know that some of you may be thinking, “Wow this is Battlefield 1, what’s next, they are going to have a bayonet charge?” Well, I can also confirm that Call of Duty WWII will have a bayonet charge feature. I am a little disappointed that they do have this in the game, but I mean it is WWII, and the soldiers did have to defend themselves and quite frankly I do not mind that they put the bayonet charge in this game. I am telling you guys, that Call of Duty WWII is going to save the franchise!!!

That is pretty much what I have to say about the game so far, SledgeHammer Games, if for some reason you come across this article, send me some things, stop sending it to all of the high-end YouTubers who just care about the money. Send it to me and I promise you that you will get a real review and not a half-assed one. Thank you, guys, very much for reading this article and if you do have any comments that you would like to add, feel free to leave a reply and I will answer any questions that you all may have. I can promise you that I will reply to everyone! See you guys tomorrow for the second day at E3!

Written by: Jose Jaimes

23 year old neek, which is a nerd and geek put together. Huge Comic book, Anime, and Disney fan. That's the basic information about me.

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