Top 10 Popular Spring 2017 Anime

Take a look at this list of top 10 popular anime for Spring 2017. The list was compiled from the most popular anime for Spring 2017 season by ‘My Anime List’. Check it out. 1. Shingeki no Kyojin Season 2 For centuries, humanity has been hunted by giant, mysterious predators

Ghibli Museum in Tokyo Reaches 10 Million Visitors

The Ghibli Museum in Tokyo held a ceremony on Saturday to celebrate hitting the milestone of having 10 million visitors. The museum originally opened in October 2001, and sees about 650,000 visitors a year. The museum’s director, Kiyofumi Nakajima, said during the ceremony that Hayao Miyazaki said he was “delighted”

Top 5 anticipated anime of Summer 2016 (Late)

Before we head into the top 5 anticipated/favorite anime of Summer 2016, let me say a few things. First, instead of this just being my top 5 anticipated anime, I decided to ask r/anime what their most anticipated anime was. A * next to the anime’s name represents redditor’s choice. I

Top 5 anime of Spring 2016

Every anime season I get really excited. You never know what kind of anime is around the corner and what anime will continue on into the next season. Well unless you check Anime Season Charts, and that something I do with in the last two months or weeks. So, sit

Pokémon: Magiana (722)

  Serebii confirmed that as of February 10, 2016, on CoroCoro magazine, Pokémon will be realising a new Pokémon. Magiana (マギアナ), is number 722 and its a Man-Made Pokémon. This is a little exciting due to the fact that as of two days ago, Mewtwo was the only Man-Made Pokémon. As for Magiana’s

Top 10 anime of 2015

2015 past by so quickly for me. I’m happy that I was able to catch some of my favorite anime for the year despite working at a small cellphone company. I can remember trying to download anime at work and when I had days off to the point where it