Southern California Esports Arena Holding Street Fighter 5 Training Sessions

If you live in Southern California, chances are you probably not heard of the Esport Arena. The Esports Arena is the US’s first dedicated Esports facility. The Arena is a 15,000 square foot facility and is located in downtown Orange County, California. The Esports Arena’s flexible facility allows for small to large scale highly produced Esports and entertainment events.  The Esports Arena also host daily video game competition. From Hearthstone, League of Legends, Counter-strike GO, Street Fighter 5, and more. They produce unique digital content, and rent space/equipment to the eSports/interactive entertainment industry at a fraction of the cost of traditional venues. Esports Arena takes pride in its ability to be radically responsive to literally every gaming community. Esports Arena helps facilitate socal community driven and crowd funded events that will hopefully bring the spotlight to every gaming community that is willing – not just the chosen few.

Today May 14, 2016, the Esports Arena will be holding training sessions lead by Alex Valle. Alex Valle is a key figure in the fighting game community and has been a top player since 1995. With both player and community experience, he provides the cohesion element that is needed to bring existing communities together and form new ones. Valle is the president and co-founder of Level Up and is the man behind the SoCal Regionals tournaments as well as the Wednesday Night Fights Online Tournaments. Valle formerly ran ReveLAtions, The Runback, and Super Smash Sundays; the former being a major that happens once a year, and the latter two being weeklies.

Esport arenaTraining is open for anyone that wants to learn match ups, meet strong rivals, and check out various exhibition matches with analysis with some of SoCal’s finest players. There will also be fun activities and coaching from Alex Valle on how to prepare for the next tournament. Our friends at eSports Arena will provide an exceptional venue experience with plenty of space for set ups, friendly staff, and snacks/drinks. If the community wants additional sessions, we will host another at a later date. The first training session is this May 14, 2016 their Twitch channel is at 2PM PST.



eSports Arena

120 West  5th Street

Santa Ana, California 92701

eSports Arena Daily Pass:


Date / Time:

May 14, 2016 / 2PM – 9PM PST

Level Up Twitch:


Street Fighter V (PC / PS4)

Written by: Christian Galvez

Christian is the founder of The EXP Grind. He is interested in Indie musicians, Video Games, Anime, and just about anything in Arts and Entertainment. He tries to find art with true meaning in the new and upcoming artists and hopes to reach more creative professionals.

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