F-Zero X heading to Virtual Console in North America Tomorrow!

For those of you who like playing F-Zero, F-Zero X will be coming to the Virtual Console tomorrow here in the States. Those of you who still own a Wii U, will be able to buy it. F-Zero has had a rough time in the UK due to it having some control issues making it unplayable. Nintendo has fixed this issues, but some experts (speed runners and hardcore fans) who’ve been playing F-Zero’s original versions say that the Virtual Console version doesn’t beat the original.

With F-Zero X coming out on the Virtual Console maybe some people who haven’t played and F-Zero game before can enjoy this one. If your an F-Zero fan who hasn’t played in a long will, maybe now is your chance to relive some of the face paced racing.

Hopefully Nintendo can get this version right this time around. Are you guys excited about F-Zero X coming to North America? Are you going to buy it tomorrow? Do you still have a Wii U? Let us now in the comment section below.

Written by: Martin Porras

Just your avid Video Gamer and Anime watcher.

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