Pretend to me be for a second. Your day starts off with you waking up at around 2 PM and your boss sends you a text message saying, “take today off.” You have nothing to do all day, so you go hang out with your brother and watch LobosJr. run through DarkSouls cheesing all the bosses. A few hours in, you decided to check the news only to be greeted with what you’d assume is a really bad prank. You check the Android Market and all of a sudden your filled with excitement as to what your screen is telling you. Yes, Final Fantasy IX is out.FFIX Android Market

Now, I already knew about Final Fantasy IX coming out on iOS, Android, and Steam, because it was one of the first thing that Square Enix announced at the beginning of the year. I was excited to hear that IX would get some love. I’m not sure if I’m remembering this wright, but at the end of BrainScratch Comms. play-through of Final Fantasy IX, Ted says he’d love to see a remake of the game. For some reason I have this idea that whenever Ted says something about a remake or remaster, it will happen.

So, I had to make a decision. Which port did I really want. Did I want the Android port, so I could play wherever I was? Or the PC port, where I could comfortably sit in front of my 26″ HD TV with a PS4 controller in my hand. After a few rounds of Dota 2, I decided on the PC port. Now I’m not saying the iOS/Android port is bad. It’s just at this point (February 10,2016) not many smartphones will be able to run it.

I’ve looked around the interwebs and it seems as if a lot of android users are having issues with the game. Its been said that it make have to do with the specs of the phone that person is using. And the iOS port is having the same issues. Any iPhone below the 5s will not be able to run the game at all. And to be honest at this point in your life its about time you upgrade into a new phone.

Final Fantasy IX is going for $16.99 USD. If your in the mood to venture into an old school RPG and you have a high spec phone, I would highly recommend buying the iOS/Android port. If your like me and your willing to wait a bit longer for the Steam port to shell out that cash, then do so. But as of now there has been no word on when the Steam port will be out.

I will also be doing a review on the Steam port when it comes out and I will have a special guest with me during that review, as we go through the game.

FFIX Characters 1 FFIX Characters 2

Written by: Martin Porras

Just your avid Video Gamer and Anime watcher.

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