Final Fantasy XIV Fan Festival Keynote

If some of you are wondering why I haven’t been posting things to The EXP Grind I’ve sort of been playing Final Fantasy XIV none stop for one reason and one reason alone. The new expansion Final Fantasy XIV: Stormblood expected to arrive on June 20th for Windows PC, PlayStation 4, and Mac. Earlier this week during the Fan Festival being held in Frankfurt, Germany, director/producer Naoki Yoshida left many fans excited during the keynote.

Two New Jobs

During the keynote, Yoshida announced the two classes we’d be receiving in Stomblood. Red Mage, which a lot of people knew by now and Samurai, the one class many were hoping for. Both classes will start off at Level 50.

Samurai is going to be a melee DPS class that will utilize a katana as a weapon. Samurai will focus on learning “lai” techniques along with other traditional Eastern swordplay. You will learn the mastery of “Sen” and its three stances: “Setsu” (Snow), “Ka” (Flower), and “Getsu” (Moon). You’ll store energy into your katana and use it with special attacks, sort of like Monk. According to a few post’s I’ve seen here and there, Samurai will apparently use the same armor as Monks, so if you haven’t leveled Monk up now’s  the chance to do it.

Image Source: Nova Crystallis

Image Source: Nova Crystallis

Both of the quest jobs will start in Eorzean areas, which can be unlocked before heading into the new expansion. They will also favor Strength-based gear.

Othard, Kugane, and more

Othard is the new area being added along with The Ruby Sea, an inland sea that the Kojin beast tribe call home. The Kojin are skilled traders that deal with all races, have built comfortable settlements under the water, and believe that Kami (gods) live inside everything.  They revere in one god above all: The Lord of the Revel – Susano. Susano is an original primal being added into Final Fantasy XIV.

Kugane is a port town that is located on the island chain of Hingashi. Which I am certain was shown off in the extended trailer.

New dungeons are going to be added along with another area known as Yangaxia and Azim Steppe, where the Auri tribe live. A new housing district will become open sometime after the release of Stormblood. According to Nova Crystallis, “The team working on this district want players to focus on the story content and not worrying about housing plots.”

More info?

If you’d like to know what’s all going to be added into Stormblood and want to read more Final Fantasy XIV or Square Enix news as things start to come out, I would suggest heading over to Nova Crystallis. I get most of my news for anything Final Fantasy related there along with watching Mrhappy1227 on youtube. Definitely, check out both when you can.

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