Final Fantasy XV: Uncovered

Final Fantasy XV release date has just been announced during the Final Fantasy XV: Uncovered stream. The excitement still hasn’t left me, I am literally still shacking as I type this out. So, you may or may not already know a few leaks from GameSpot where posted earlier today. Good thing is that they didn’t release anything else, but a trailer for a demo and what month XV was coming out. It was really hard not to look at the articles being posted everywhere about the leaks, but I did manage to find a way to ignore all the leaks. Here is what was announced during the stream.

Square Enix has announced Final Fantasy XV to be released on September 30th, 2016. Along with that they also announced a five part anime for XV called “Brotherhood”, a movie called “Kings Glaive”, a mobile game app called “Justice Monsters V”, a one of a kind car, and Final Fantasy XV Platinum demo.

The first episode to “Brotherhood” is up right now, so you can bet you’ll see a review for the first episode and a review over the five episodes. “Kings Glaive” still has yet to have a release date, but it will be streamed and available for download before XV is released. “Justice Monsters V” will be released before XV as well, but you can sign up to have what I’m assuming is beta accesses. Platinum Demo is live right now, so expect a review for the demo some point this week.

There is a lot I want to say about Uncovered, but I have a feeling I would bore you with a huge article about it. So, instead I’m planing on doing a pod-cast like thing where you’ll be able to hear all of my thoughts along with what a few other people have to say. I will also be putting up an article about a few extra thing covering each thing that was talked about during Uncovered.¬†All I can say is, “IT’S FINALLY HERE! FFXV IS GETTING RELEASED AND MY WALLET IS BEING TAPED TO MY TABLE!!”

Update:(3/31/2016, 10:27 AM) I corrected the spelling on Kings Glaive.

Update:(3/31/2016, 10:04 PM) Wrong release date.

Written by: Martin Porras

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  1. Martin Porras March 31, 2016 | Reply

    I’m sorry if there are any spelling mistakes in this article. I’m just to damn excited at the moment.

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