I can finally starting writing about Gigantic, the game that’s currently in development by Motiga. This will be split into separate articles, because I feel like telling people how I came across Gigantic and what it was like a year ago. In another article I will be talk about a few of the changes that have been made. I will also be covering news related things about Gigantic as the game moves forward. Now, to the beginning of this adventure of mine.

The Beginning

I heard about Gigantic early to mid of 2014, the exact month is something I cant remember. I remember laying around in bed right after one of my college classes; looking at very random videos about games going either into Beta or finally coming to the US. The video I saw, showed a bit of game play, talked about how its not your typical MOBA and how the art style was, in many cases, unique. After the video I searched all around the Inter-webs to find more information and was able to find the website. I soon found myself signing up to be in the closed beta.

A few weeks pass by, I didn’t receive an email telling me I was able to be in the beta. Months pass by and I heard that Gigantic has had a few Beta  tests and they showed it off and PAX. Inside of me a swirl of  emotions was going on, but jealousy was the most upfront. After a while I started to forget about Gigantic. I went on with my daily life, going to work, repairing cellphones and computers, dealing with horrible customers, and still finding time to relax by playing some Dota.

A email?

One day I receive and email from Motiga, completely forgot that they where the developers of Gigantic. They asked for my computer specs and showed how I can get all that info in a txt file to send to them. So, I did and after a while I started to think that my computer wouldn’t be up to snuff with what the game required. I also remember people telling me my computer wasn’t that good of a set up. I didn’t really expect to get any other kind of email and then one day I saw the email.

I received a Beta key for Gigantic, my mind was blown and I was frozen in my chair. I did everything the email said, I downloaded the client, made an account on the forums and downloaded this chat room client that the Beta testers where using to talk to one other. It was late at night I need to go to work in the morning, so I let the client install Gigantic. That morning I didn’t bother with looking if it was done or not. I rushed to work and remember seeing something about reading the NDA for Gigantic. I spent the whole day reading the NDA, I  think i might have read it twice or three times just to make sure I didn’t miss anything.

Only proof I have to show that I was in the Beta in 2015.

Only proof I have to show that I was in the Beta.

The Game

After reading the NDA and the game being downloaded I finally got to play. As the game was booting up a rush of excitement ran throughout my body. I was ready to play Gigantic and boy was the wait worth it. See the thing is I can’t just pick one or two things from the game that made it all worth it, because in reality the whole game is just good and over allfun to play. Like I said before this is not your typical MOBA.

You don’t have towers or an Ancient to protect, you instead get to summon three types of monsters that you can change before heading into a match or let another teammate summon, given if its  different from yours. Each monster has its own stats such as HP, HP regain, damage dealt, and how far it will go after an enemy player.  You can level up or grow your summon by giving it Focus, which is used to get your Ultimate. So you have a choice, either save your Ultimate and use it to wipe out the other team or give it to your dragon summon making it harder for the other team to kill it.

If you can kill the enemy Guardian early you’ll pretty much win the game, but hold on there is a small catch. If you’re on the team where you are losing kind of badly, a few summons dead, a bit of damage to the enemy Guardian, then you might get the chance to get a Clash going. During a Clash both Guardians will move causing the map to change, buildings, walls, and floor will be physically broken making the map smaller. The only thing you can do is kill the remaining summons, kill off the enemy, gather more Focus and offer it to your Guardian, so he/she will move to the enemy Guardian and give you a chance to weaken it or kill it off.

Clashes can change the way a game ends, but teamwork is a very important aspect of Gigantic. In a few of the matches I was able to play a lot of times my team just seem to click in and we’d work together running around ganking enemy players and even upgrading our skills to fit in what was missing from the synergy. You have five skills each that have there own skill tree and is a little hard for me to explain at the moment.

End… for now.

From the length of this article you can pretty much guess what my oppion of Gigantic is: I LOVED IT. Gigantic is a game I think every one will enjoy and have fun with. At the end of the Beta test that week I filled out a servery and I remember typing out like two or three paragraphs of how I enjoyed the game and that honestly I can see my self leave Dota for Gigantic. I have sank and ungodly amount of time into Dota (947 hours) and I still feel the same way I did that day. I also want to say that Gigantic was on of the first Betas I got into where the devs from Motiga were in the chat rooms talking with people and playing on line with testers. I remember a dev, can’t remember if it was a dev, but someone was playing Gigantic at a restaurant on a laptop and asked people in chat if they where around that area to meet up with him and play together.

Now that we are at the end I should state again this was from a year ago. A few things have happened to Gigantic, such as the game sort of almost not coming out, getting published by perfect worlds, running a few beta test, and a few changes here and there that I will cover in another article. I wanted to share how I came across Gigantic and thought that this was a good way to not only start off my coverage of Gigantic, but also get you, the readers excited for a grate game.

If you’re a dev from Motiga thank you from making such an amazing game and being really amazing people. I didn’t get the chance to say, “Hi” or “Thank you” back then, because I was a little shy and in all honesty kind of just mind blown.  I hope you enjoyed the read, and I would also like to say, thank you for taking time to read this or some how stumble upon this.

Written by: Martin Porras

Just your avid Video Gamer and Anime watcher.

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