Gigantic is a free-to-play MOBA developed by Motiga, an independent game studio based out of Bellevue, Washington. The studio has more than 80 game developers, all of who are passionate in creating a magical game experience for their fans along with moving the industry forward. Motiga has been working on Gigantic since 2012 and have come a far way with the game.  In this article, I will be going over a bit of the gameplay as well as a little history about the Development of Gigantic.

Gigantic isn’t your typical MOBA. Yes, they do pit two teams of five heroes against each other, but it’s so much more than that. Each battle is a test of fast-paced skill, teamwork, and strategy, where your decision matters a lot more than just your reflexes. Each team has a Guardian that….

OK, enough is enough. Sorry Motiga and EXP Grind, but I can not write in a very serious tone. I feel like I’m sucking the “focus” out of myself and that this article sounds a little boring. This article should sound exciting, not some script that is going to be read for some start up YouTube channel with no personality. I understand professionalism is necessary, but come on really I sort of sound like a robot up there. I will try to be professional when I can, but without further a due lets get started.

About Gigantic

In Gigantic, there is two teams, each with their own Guardian. It is your job as the player to, in a sense, summon monsters that will help you generate power for your Guardian and fend off the enemy team. Now, these summons are not all the same, some generate springs next to them that will heal you and your team, or attack the other team if they get too close. You can, of course, grow or level up these summons by giving them Focus, a mystical power that gives you your ultimate. You can gain Focus by attacking other players or kind of generate some for yourself if you select the right power-ups for your character. Margrave’s Hellburst can be skilled up to do this if you follow the right upgrades.

You can choose to either use your Focus to grow your Cerberus, a guard dog that gives you more vision of the map as it grows, or your Dragon, that will spit fireballs at enemies. Or you can simply save it for a team fight that will definitely give you an advantage over the other team if you can wipe them all out. During a match it is hard to tell if you will win or not, the tides can turn literally at any minute. You can be losing by having two summons down and your Guardian only having a little bit of health left. This can cause an event, or round, known as Clash. During Clash both  Guardians will move about destroying buildings, walls, and floor making the map smaller and summoning whatever summons you have left into this new area.

The match will almost be similar to the first part of the match, but this time you’re encouraged to kill the enemy player, summons that are left, and gather sunlight that will give your Guardian the incentive to rampage over to the enemy Guardian and give you a helping hand in weakening it.gigantic_leiranimperial_05


There is many types of characters in Gigantic, from Margrave, an inhuman man with the ability to rip off a demon’s forearm and use it as his own–ouch–to Aisling, a young soldier girl who wields her father’s sword, Sir Cador, with his very soul etched into the blade as he promises her to protect her. To even Mozu, a mischievous wizard in training. There are many characters with different stories and each with their own play style. For example, back when I was in the Beta for 2015 a saw a few people make Aisling into tanks, I’ve always made her into a healer, but nonetheless, they were different play styles.

Each character has their own move set, that can be upgraded to do different things. Earlier, I mentioned that you can use Margrave’s Hellburst to gain focus. By doing this for every hit that Hellburst takes can either be reflected back to the enemy and give you a bit of focus or you can turn it into a shield bash that does damage to enemies. You are given the ability to upgrade or evolve the moves characters have by giving you a small two branch skill tree that can go with your play style.

Art style

I’ve heard a lot of people say that Gigantic looks like The Legend of Zelda: Wind Waker. A majority of the time they are referring to the cell-shaded look, and I’m not going to lie this is an art style that suits Gigantic more then other games I’ve seen trying to do cell-shading. Cell-shading makes the characters, summons, guardians, and the environment pop out more. Things look a lot more vivid and beautiful to look at.

My thoughts…

Gigantic is an amazing game and I can’t wait till the game is finally released. I will defiantly end up leaving Dota for Gigantic. I love Gigantic. See here’s the thing: Gigantic wants you to work as a team with other people and doesn’t really make you feel horrible after losing a match like other MOBAs do. The community feels like a giant family and the devs are really amazing people, they are both willing to help you out understand how characters play and the different things you can do with them. The devs are not only playing the game right now with the beta testers but taking in the feedback and looking at ways to make Gigantic a great game.

If you really want to know what I think of Gigantic check out my A “Gigantic” adventure and Gigantic closed beta weekend articles. And if you want to join in on the fun check out the Want to Play heading under this. It will have links to a lot of things that will help you out starting your own adventure. Also, I’d like to thank Perfect Worlds for giving me permission to write about Gigantic. If a dev from Motiga is reading this, thank you for making such a great game and giving me a chance to play it. I hope you all enjoyed this article as much fun as I had writing it.

Want to play?

If this article has given you a reason to play Gigantic or even just try the beta, you can go to and sign up for the beta. You’ll need an Arc account of course, but while you’re doing that I would suggest checking out some of the other characters, check out some of the news along with discussions happening in the forums, and following Gigantic on Twitter, Facebook, Twitch, and YouTube. And if you have time definitively check out the Reddit page.


If there’s anything I missed please let me know and I will try to fix the error as quickly as I can. Send me and email; email is provided below.



Written by: Martin Porras

Just your avid Video Gamer and Anime watcher.

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