Guest Posting

Interested in becoming a guest writer for The EXP Grind? We are looking for guest writers to help us with high-quality articles. For example, articles like ‘Top 5 things you didn’t know about… or What does 2018 mean for the music industry…’ If this seems interesting you, continue reading about our requirements below.


  1. Write at least 1,000-2,000 word article.
  2. Article is about trending entertainment or similar to existing website’s posts.
  3. Please include images that you have created yourself or are free to use under Creative Commons. Include a link to the source of the image and give credit where appropriate.
  4. The article must be original, meaning it is not published elsewhere online (including your own website).
  5. Guest articles must be written in English.
  6. Include headers, to break your article into smaller sections.
  7. You may have links to your website or similar blog. (2 links per article, relevant anchor text)
  8. Please share your guest post with other on social media, email, etc.

Benefits of writing for The EXP Grind

  1. Reach an audience of engaged readers who are eager to learn about arts and entertainment.
  2. Bring readers to your website/blog
  3. Build high-quality links for SEO purposes

How to Write

Writing guest posts for The EXP Grind is currently open. Please send your guest articles or any questions to me at or write us from our contact page.