Are you prepared for a nuclear fallout? If you haven’t purchased the Season Pass for Fallout 4,then no you are not.

On March 1, 2016 the price for the Fallout 4: Season Pass will jump up from $29.99USD to $49.99USD. No need to take any mentats to be smart enough to see that this is a great deal. So, all of you fellow scavengers get out there and save yourselves some caps and go buy the Fallout 4: Season Pass soon.

Over the next three months Bethesda will be releasing 3 Add-ons.
In March we will get a chance to build our very own robot companion.
In April we’ll have the opportunity to trap and train a Deathclaw.
Best for last. In May we will travel to a huge new playable area on the island of Far Harbor.

There are only 6 days left before the price gets raised by $20. SO, HURRY!
If it helps, try imagining a Deathclaw wearing a Bethesda t-shirt is chasing you, and he will eat you if you haven’t purchased the Fallout 4: Season Pass.

Written by: JW Corman

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