Indigo Prophecy coming to PS4 as PS2 classic

PS4 owners will be able to enjoy Indigo Prophecy this Tuesday August 9th. Indigo Prophecy (also known as Fahrenheit in other regions outside North America) will be available from the PlayStation Store as a PS2 classic. As a PS2 classic on the PS4, the game will come with all new trophies previously unavailable for this game. The game will also be up scaled to display better on new screens.

The game was directed by Quantic Dream founder David Cage. Then went on to direct Heavy Rain, Beyond: Two Souls, and the upcoming game Detroit: Become Human, which many are eagerly anticipating. Similar to all of Quantic Dreams games, Indigo Prophecy is very heavy on story not on gameplay. It is almost like watching an interactive movie, and your decisions as the player determine the outcome of the plot, and the direction it takes.

The story is well written and captivating. The game is well worth another play through, especially as it has multiple endings. Indigo Prophecy is one of the pioneer games that focused on story telling with the use of quick action events. And one of the first to implement a choose your own adventure style mechanic. If you’ve enjoyed Telltale’s games you will enjoy this one.

Indigo ProphecyThis will almost complete all of David Cage’s and Quantic Dream’s collection on the PS4. Heavy Rain and Beyond: Two Souls are already available. Indigo Prophecy will be available Tuesday. All we have to wait for is Detroit: Become Human. Catch an E3 announcement trailer of Detroit: Become Human below – we will keep you update on any news for this game.

For those who don’t own a PS4, no worries you can still enjoy this cult classic. Fahrenheit: Indigo Prophecy Remastered is also available for the iOS platform, Android, Mac, and PC. Tell us what you think about this and all of Quantic Dreams’ games below in the comment section. As always thanks for reading, and be sure to return to The Exp Grind.

Coming Soon From the Makers of Indigo Prophecy

Written by: Roberto Bahena

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