Kingdom Hearts 3 is here, and here’s what we think

After a quick chat with the team, we thought it best to put together a quick Q&A about the new Kingdom Hearts game releasing later tonight.

Explain to me why Kingdom hearts 3 is so hype right now?

Chris: Right now I think its just hype.

Roberto: I’m guessing most of the hype for this game is the fact that fans have been waiting for this game for almost 14 years. And it’s not like they said it wouldn’t happen, Square-Enix has been promising the third entry ever since the sequel came out, so the hype just accumulated. It seems that the fan base is strong and loyal enough to have waited this long. It’s very exciting that the wait is finally over for the fans.

Did you play this game as a kid?

Chris: Kinda, but not really. while other kids were playing this, I was in the arcades playing Street fighter 3rd strike, DDR, or Initial D.

Roberto: I was 20 back in 2002 when the first entry of Kingdom Hearts was released, I played it only briefly. Then I completely skipped part 2. I had played all Squaresoft’s’ RPGs, so it was really cool to hear that they were combining the Final Fantasy franchise with all the memorable characters of Walt Disney. I wouldn’t mind playing the classics and then try part 3, in a perfect world where time is unlimited. Or I might just jump into part 3 and see how it goes. Although my OCD side will hate me for that.

Is this game for new players to the series?

Chris: From just watching the trailer, I would say no, this is not for new people coming to the series. It looks very story driven. A new player would be obviously missing out on important events.

Roberto: I’m not sure on that one. They did release the Kingdom Hearts: The Story so Far version that contains all previous releases. I might try that and take a couple of weekends to try to beat them, but the game backlog is long. Ahh, so many games so little time. I also heard that there is an official re-cap that will get you up to speed before playing KH3, probably will be the introduction to the game, if that is so, it will be great for newcomers.

Are fans of Kingdom Hearts considered “Disney fans” or “Gamers”?

Chris: I would say they are considered both. The game is based on Disney characters and levels. If you like Disney, you will love the game. You get to visit places you only see in the movies. So yeah, I would they go hand-in-hand.

Roberto: I’m pretty sure it is a mixture of both. I remember when Square-Enix announced a game that will combine the Final Fantasy franchise and the Disney franchises. So, I’m pretty sure, that Disney fans became gamers and some gamers became Disney fans. Nowadays everyone is a gamer in one way or another I think, even if you just play Solitaire or any mobile game; And of course, most people are fans of Disney in one way or another.

I will give Kingdom Hearts 3 a try, see how far I can get. Be sure to check out our YouTube Channel for Kingdom Hearts 3 gameplay. Let me know if you want videos of the older entries of Kingdom Hearts on our channel as well.

Here’s the trailer:

Written by: Christian Galvez

Christian is the founder of The EXP Grind. He is interested in Indie musicians, Video Games, Anime, and just about anything in Arts and Entertainment. He tries to find art with true meaning in the new and upcoming artists and hopes to reach more creative professionals.

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