Metro Exodus World Premiere XBOX ONE X

Today at Microsoft’s E3 briefing we got a sneak peek to a long awaited title, Metro Exodus. The game looked gorgeous on Microsoft’s officially name XBOX ONE X, know as project Scorpio until today. Metro Exodus was previously known as Metro: Last Light until today when it was officially unveiled. The games are based on Dmitry Glukhovsky’s novels Metro 2034 and Metro 2035.

Metro Exodus LandscapeThe clip opens with a shot of the snow covered city ruins. Then takes us through an underground sewage system that looks like it’s falling apart. As we bring out our weapon we are attacked by a mutated rat. After dispatching our first enemy it looks like we are about to be ambushed. But we notice the latter in the distance, and we make it out just in time. The outside environment looks gorgeous running in 4K on the XBOX ONE X. After traversing through some run down buildings, we encounter a pack of wild dogs who scurry away. Shortly after we notice what really scared them away was a huge mutated mole rat. After a encounter that gets your heart pumping, we manage to grip a zip line and make our escape. After getting to the other side, we are picked up by a passing locomotive and what looks like to be an ally. Watch the full gameplay trailer below.

Metro Exodus E3 2017 Gameplay Trailer

That’s all we got to see of Metro Exodus, but the eye candy is there. Metro Exodus is being developed by 4A, and is slated for release in 2018. I cannot wait to get my hands on an XBOX ONE X, just waiting on that price tag.

Metro Exodus View 2

We are very excited for E3 here at The EXP Grind, we will be on location the rest of E3 to bring you up to date news and tidbits. Make sure to follow us on all of our social media outlets. Check out our Shigeru Miyamoto video, we caught a glimpse of the great one and it was not even day one.

Written by: Roberto Bahena

Roberto Bahena is a founder of The Exp Grind. Here he focuses on news articles and the Youtube channel and keeping the sever running smooth. His full time occupation is as a Web Developer for Extima Web Development. Follow him for video game news, video walkthroughs and the occasional web dev tip.

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