Microsoft Officially Announces Project Scorpio

Dem TeraFlops tho.

With Sony’s Playstation 4 “Neo” on the table, Microsoft is in a position where they must also approach the market with an iterative design.  Cell phone manufacturers have proven that it can be an incredibly effective business model, with expensive tech, and with this generation of consoles happening in the middle of the 4K jump, it seems the console bigwigs have little in the way of options.

Microsoft said today, that this new iteration of the Xbox One will have a 6 TeraFlop GPU (whatever that means,) an 8 core CPU, and be capable of running games in 4k.  They even said that it will support ‘High fidelity VR.’  They didn’t comment on what VR experience that support was in reference to, but none the less, it is a promise they made.  They went as far as to say it would be, “the most powerful console ever.”

Whether or not this will change the tide of future console sales, I cannot say, but no one can say Microsoft isn’t still running in this race.

UPDATE:  Major Nelson, just said that the Xbox One S (official name)  will be available in august and will start at $299.  It was also stated that it would be 40% smaller than the original model, and the version he showed had a 2TB internal hard drive, a unibody design, bluetooth controllers, an IR blaster, and the ability to be placed vertically or horizontally.

UPDATE:  The new model will no longer come standard with a connection port for the Kinect, and the power source will be internal now.


2TB Launch Edition – $399, releasing in August (specific date unannounced)

1TB edition – $349 (Xbox One S vertical stand sold separately for $20), release date unannounced

500GB edition – $299 (Xbox One S vertical stand sold separately for $20), release date unannounced

Written by: Easton Dowdy

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