Why You Need Your Surgeon to Play Computer Games

A Popular Surgeon Video Game

Surgeon Simulator 2013 is a surgical simulation video game by Tom Jackson, Jack Good, Luke Williams and James Broadley of Bossa Studios. The initial version was created in a 48-hour period for the 2013 Global Game Jam, but the developers continued and spent 48 days creating a commercial version released in January 2013.

Surgeon Simulator 2013 is played in first-person perspective. Mouse movement is used to control the movement of the player’s hand. By holding down the right mouse button and moving the mouse, the player can rotate the hand. The left mouse button is used to lower the hand. By default, the A, W, E, R, and spacebar keys are used to control individual corresponding digits for grasping items. Gameplay consists of the player attempting to perform various surgical procedures, for example, a heart transplant. Multiple extra modes are available after completion of the early operations, such as performing an operation while inside an ambulance where surgical instruments bounce around at random, and operating in space where the zero-g environment causes all of the instruments to free-float.

A Theoretically Scenario

At the start of the procedure, the first thing Dr. Komal Bajaj has to get past is a thick band of nose hairs.

She gently maneuvers the endoscope through the nasal passage, trying to open up the patient’s airway. A slight blunder with her handling causes a blob of mucus to stick to the side of the camera attached to the endoscope, obstructing her vision.

The patient’s heartbeat picks up, the breathing intensifies. Bajaj accidentally touches the vocal chords with the endoscope, which causes the patient to cough – and it’s game over.

But luckily, it really was just a game: the entire procedure took place on a virtual reality app called Airway Ex, which gamifies surgery to help train medical professionals.

Surgeons play to receive the coveted three hearts, a symbol that lets them know they are fully able to handle that situation if it happens in real life.

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Written by: Christian Galvez

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