So some big new as of early morning today from Nintendo is that they will be releasing the Nintendo “NX” in March of 2017 globally. Better start saving up your money because they have also stated that they will have the new Legend of Zelda playable at E3 this year. Now you might be asking, “Why save my money?” Well Nintendo has actually been making the new Zelda along side the WiiU version, so we can definitely expect both versions being released at the same time.

Nintendo NXNintendo has also said that the “NX” will stick as a codename for the console till it releases, so we wont really know the name of the “NX” till the end of this year or early 2017. The¬†good thing about this is that we will now be able to know what game developers have in store for the console. It’s also been said that the NDA for the “NX” was lifted a few days ago.


Legend of ZeldaThe New Legend of Zelda¬†has also been reported to be the only playable demo that Nintendo will be taking to E3 this year. Possibly to keep the other games lined up for the “NX” under wraps for the time being. This is making me want to go to E3 this year myself so badly.

Nintendo will also continue to push out five more mobile games through out the year as well, so expect to see some of them soon. Two of the games will be based around Fire Emblem and Animal Crossing. They are also working on adding more services to My Nintendo.

Keep tuned here to EXP Grind for more news about this as the day goes on. And if you’ve heard anything else that I have missed please leave it in the comment section below and I will try to add it into the article along with your name or anonymously.

Written by: Martin Porras

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