One Punch Man English Dub Finally Set to Air on Adult Swim

One-Punch Man is a Japanese manga written by Tomohiro Suzuki and directed by Shingo Natsume. This past weekend at The Los Angeles Anime Expo, ‘Viz Media’ finally announced that their anime “One-Punch Man” is getting an English dub version. The anime is scheduled to air July 16 on Adult Swim.


The story of One-Punch Man takes place in the Japanese metropolis of City Z. New monsters roam the cites pretty much every episode. Saitama,is a normal person/hero, who apparently can defeat anything with just one punch. In the later episodes you’ll find Saitama becoming bored with his ability. He is only interested in stronger opponents who can present a challenge to him.

As Saitama becomes a registered hero with the team of heroes. He meets many different heroes and villains throughout his venture. He eventually gains a following of people who see how string he is. One being the cyborg Genos. Who is also part of the Heroes Association. Even though he has defeated so many strong monsters, those being some that even the Heroes Association’s top members are unable to defeat, Saitama still struggles to gain respect. The anime is filled with a lot more, go check it out now!

Voice actors

The new voice actor ‘Max Mittelman‘, who has also voice acted for “Sword Art Online 2” and the new “Gundam series”, will star as the main character ‘Saitama’. Voice acting Genos will be “Zach Aguilar”.


I don’t think I’m alone when I say that, “I can’t wait for the new series to air in English dub”. I liked the original series, and I think as it airs on Adult Swim, it will only gain more of a following.

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Written by: Christian Galvez

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