Pokémon: Magiana (722)


Serebii confirmed that as of February 10, 2016, on CoroCoro magazine, Pokémon will be realising a new Pokémon. Magiana (マギアナ), is number 722 and its a Man-Made Pokémon. This is a little exciting due to the fact that as of two days ago, Mewtwo was the only Man-Made Pokémon. As for Magiana’s type, it has yet to be revealed. The only information I can find is from Serebii, that Magiana is set to release along side a Pokémon movie this year.

Here is a summary of the movie from CoroCoro: “Volcanion’s object is to recover Magiana, who has been abducted by the “Azoth Kingdom”, a city of super-machinery. However, Volcanion and Ash have become linked together by a strange chain. Will the two of them manage to work together and save Magiana?”

Here in the US we might not see Magiana for a while, but if your lucky you might be able to get a Japanese Magiana when it comes out in Japan. I was able to get a Japanese Hoopa from the first day the 15th movie was screened.


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