Pokemon Sun and Moon Starters!!!

Earlier today Pokemon announced the three new starters for the upcoming game Pokemon Sun and Moon. Along with the three new starters they have also shown the two new legendary Pokemon that will be on the box art of the case. The names of the new legendaries has yet to be announced, but we do have the names of the three new starters, along with their types and a new move for each of them, which of the three Pokemon Sun and Moon Starters will you choose.

rowlet Pokemon Sun and Moon StartersThe first starter is Rowlet, who is a Grass/Flying type. This is the fifth Grass/flying type Pokemon besides Hoppip, Skiploom, Jumpluff, Tropius, and Shaymin. Rowlet will also have a new move called Leafage. Not much has been said about this new move, but I have a feeling it was teased in the trailer shown below this article.



litten Pokemon Sun and Moon Starters

The Second starter is Litten, which is a Fire type… yup that’s all this Pokemon gets, but wait it’s a cat type Pokemon. Not much is known about this Pokemon as of now and same goes for the third starter Pokemon. I can tell you that Litten acts like a normal cat, but it apparently licks its fur to use as a fuel for fireball attacks. I did not make that up, its under the details for Litten.


popplio Pokemon Sun and Moon Starters

The Last starter is Popplio, its a water type Pokemon that’s basically a sea lion. Popplio moves faster in water, and while it’s on land it uses balloons made of water that it produces by snorting it out. I’m not sure if it can’t move on land so will it affect Popplio’s stats? Also, I just want to say, ” I wonder where they came up for the name for this Pokemon? Maybe it has something to do with the propeller like tail…”

Along with the new Pokemon being announced they have also shown a little bit of what the new region will look like. The new regions name is Alola and to be frank it looks to be Hawaiian-based on the tropical island area. The trailer also shows that you can fully customize your trainer this time around by allowing the player to choose a whole array of skin types. They also got rid of over-world sprites. The game actually lets you run around in a full 3D perspective.

I will definitely end up buying this Pokemon game when it releases on November 18 of this year in the U.S., Australia, and Japan. Europe will not be getting Sun and Moon until November 23.

If you want to hear my thoughts on the new Pokemon then come join us on our Twitch channel and expect to see a review for this game when it releases.

Visit Serebii to read more details about the new starts. We will also be updating this page as the day goes on.


Written by: Martin Porras

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