Quantum Break, Pre-Ordered

So I just reserved the digital version of Quantum Break for my XBOX ONE console, this game was announced when the XBOX launched, so I’ve been keeping an eye on it since. The game is a third person shooter action adventure that is being developed by Remedy Entertainment, think of it as your younger, more hip Max Payne, without the drug abuse, but still plenty of drama and action. I guess I gave the mechanics away when I mentioned Max Payne, because by the looks of it, some of the play mechanics deal with the ability of your character to slow down time; think of it as a more modern and enhanced bullet time. A couple of games come to mind that share similar play styles, the most obvious among them being the Max Payne series, but games like the sleeper hit Singularity, and the Fear series, also benefited from this style of game play. So it goes without saying that at first glance, this concept has been done before, so what sets this game apart?

For starters an all-star cast has been tied to the game, a recent growing trend for blockbuster games, like the recent appearance of Kevin Spacey on the Call of Duty IP. Also much like movies, in game cinematics are now completely motion captured by real human actors, and the facial features can be translated into the digital character being displayed on screen, the recent Until Dawn comes to mind. The protagonist of Quantum Break is played by Shawn Ashmore (X-men, The Following), and the protagonist’s brother is played by Dominic Monaghan (LotR, Lost). Another thing that sets this game apart is that a live action TV style series is being developed to tie into the game, and the actions you make in the game affect how the live action story unfolds. This is something I am curious about and cannot wait to see. To the live action series, we have Lance Reddick (Lost, Fringe), and Aiden Gillan (Game of Thrones) as characters in the show. I have to admit they have some real star power tied to this game, and the fact that your actions affect the how the show unfolds, it promises some real replay-ability.

Lastly, since I’m a major science geek, the story about a time travel experiment gone wrong. Can’t wait to see how they weave in theoretical physics into the plot. The two protagonists and the main antagonist in the story gain the ability to control time in one way or another. I am curious how this weaves into the game play and main story. And what creative killing techniques you can pull off with your time stopping abilities, I can only imagine at the moment, but based on the available footage and trailers, it looks pretty cool. I remember back in the day with while playing Max Payne on my PS2, I would run into a room guns blazing, hit the jump button and trigger bullet time all at once, and clear the room of enemies before hitting the floor, oh what fun. I’ll be back in April with a full review of the game, plus some game play footage, stay tuned.

By the way if you pre-order now as an added bonus you will receive the Alan Wake game plus the two DLCs The Signal and The Writer for the Xbox 360 but playable on XBOX ONE, this one is a good classic. Great time to catch up on it, also some retailers are giving out Alan Wake’s American Nightmare.

Written by: Roberto Bahena

Roberto Bahena is a founder of The Exp Grind. Here he focuses on news articles and the Youtube channel and keeping the sever running smooth. His full time occupation is as a Web Developer for Extima Web Development. Follow him for video game news, video walkthroughs and the occasional web dev tip.

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