Resident Evil 7 Teaser and Release Date

With E3 in full swing, horror fans were treated to a big announcement yesterday. The seventh installment of the granddaddy of all Horror Games, Resident Evil was announced with release date and everything. Resident Evil 7 or Biohazard as it is called in Japan will be released on January 24th, 2017. This has all horror fans very excited I’m sure, I know I am, but perhaps the biggest treat was that a playable teaser demo was released as well.

A Resident Evil Playable Teaser, get it. I’m not kidding when I say playable teaser as in Silent Hills P.T. This Resident Evil 7 demo is very similar to it, you are trapped inside an abandoned dilapidated farm house and you need to escape. First Person view of course, it’s dark and scary, what’s more, Capcom has announced that this game will fully support the PlayStation VR.

re7Perhaps we should mention the biggest change in Resident Evil, Capcom claims that they are going back to its roots. When I started the demo I did get the same feeling I got when I first played the first Resident Evil game. That feeling of dread, the creaking of the doors as you open them, and that feeling of the unknown. This new demo captures that well, however, I feel like this game is very different to earlier Resident Evil games, it’s first person, and the environment reminds me of Resident Evil 4. It’s too early for me to decide whether this is a true Resident Evil game or a Horror game with the Resident Evil brand attached to it.

I love the demo, and I want more of it, but I hope the final release ties more into the Resident Evil lore we all know and love, this game feels like The Evil Within, or a scene from The Texas Chainsaw Massacre, don’t get me wrong those are good things in my book, but I also want more of the Resident Evil mythology mixed into it, after all the game is called Resident Evil 7.

I am eagerly anticipating the game; I’ve already played through the demo twice. I hear that there is a second ending to the demo, so I will surely be playing the game again. Catch our first full play through of the demo on our YouTube channel, or you can watch it now below. If you like the video, please consider subscribing to our channel, we will be bringing more HD gameplay content and live streams of all the best new releases.

Written by: Roberto Bahena

Roberto Bahena is a founder of The Exp Grind. Here he focuses on news articles and the Youtube channel and keeping the sever running smooth. His full time occupation is as a Web Developer for Extima Web Development. Follow him for video game news, video walkthroughs and the occasional web dev tip.

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