REVIEW: Hooloomooloo DIPA

Since their beginning in 2013, Modern Times has continued to wow this writer with their various beer styles. Described on their site as “aroma-driven, complex, flavorful, sessionish beers.” On the menu now is a double IPA Hooloomooloo, that is described by Modern Times as a hoppy tropical double IPA.


REVIEW: Collaboration not Litigation

It’s always nice when two can come together as one. In marriage it’s celebrated by a ceremony, for beer it’s celebrated in a crowded pub in Santa Rosa, CA between two distinguished Brewing Companies. This union I’m referring to is Collaboration not Litigation Ale by Avery Brewing Co and Russian


REVIEW: Pineapple Tart Saison

Not much can be said about a Monday, but sluggish wake up routines and extra strong coffee can describe its early hours.  However coming home to an air – conditioned living room and refreshing saison can aide the mediocrity the beginning of the work week. That honor goes to Pineapple