Super Mario Run for iOS Announced by Nintendo

In what is perhaps the biggest surprise for Apple fans and Nintendo fans alike. Nintendo announced Super Mario Run for iOS today at Apple’s iPhone 7 unveiling event. The game was presented by the plumber’s creator, none other than Shigeru Miyamoto. To have the creator of Nintendo’s biggest IP present the game for iOS means that Nintendo is serious. The big N has been creeping into the mobile arena slowly, with the release of the Nintendo official app MiiTomo, and then the juggernaut Pokemon Go. Which was developed by a third party company, Niantic Inc.

Super Mario RunSuper Mario Run for iOS will be a full-fledged 2D game similar in style to the New Super Mario Bros. games on the Wii and Wii U platforms. The game will be playable with one hand. So you won’t have those cumbersome touch control pads on the screen that sometimes block the view on mobile games. The game looks beautiful from what was shown at the Apple event. Nintendo is known for their quality games and the passion they have for all their IPs. Super Mario Run for iOS will definitely not be a letdown. The game is coming soon to the App Store, and according to them, it’ll be out before the holidays.

Mr. Miyamoto himself stated that the game will have no micro transactions. Super Mario Run for iOS will be a onetime paid app. This is good news since most recent mobile games exploit these micro transaction marketing tactics. No price has been announced as of yet for Super Mario Run.

It feels strange to see the iconic plumber with the red cap on a foreign platform. But it looks like Nintendo is making some bold moves to stay on top of the gaming industry. The company is going where the gamers are, as the iOS platform is one of the biggest gaming platforms available today. Millions of game apps have been downloaded from the app store. And we will surely see Super Mario Run at the top of the charts.

For Android users, don’t fret. Nintendo later announced that the game will also be coming to the green robot’s OS. Only that the game will be released after it makes its debut on the iOS platform.

Super Mario Run for iOS Unveiling

Super Mario Run for iOS Gameplay

Written by: Roberto Bahena

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