The Walking Dead Michonne Episode 3 Available Today

The final installment for Telltale Games’ The Walking Dead Michonne is available today. Episode 3 called What We Deserve is the season finale for this short miniseries. If you’ve been keeping up with the series, you know that things are about to get a lot more dangerous. Things were very tense at the end of episode 2, ‘Give No Shelter’; the decision we had to make at the end of the episode could very well define the outcome of the game. There’s a lot of baddies approaching Michonne’s current location, and I can’t wait to see how things turn out in episode 3 of The Walking Dead Michonne.

At only 3 episodes The Walking Dead Michonne is indeed a miniseries, things started a bit slow in episode 1, but got very tense right from the beginning of episode 2, I’m sure episode 3 will be a roller coaster. The Walking Dead is known more for its drama and moral dilemmas; the brutality is just a side effect of this harsh world. But when things get crazy, things get crazy.

The Walking Dead Michonne serves as a morsel, and appetizer for the actual Walking Dead game we are waiting for which is The Walking Dead Season 3. I’ve read some tidbit details concerning the game, Robert Kirkman himself said in an interview that we will get to see an older Clementine. He also hinted that she might not be the main character this time, and that we will only see her and her current status in life as an older person survivor. He also mentioned that this Season 3 will tie more into the comic than Season 2, sort of how like The Walking Dead Michonne explored a section of the character’s history that was missing from the comics. Come back here to The Exp Grind for the entire scoop on Season 3 as we learn more.

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Written by: Roberto Bahena

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