Top 5 Synthwave Tracks

Flashworx – Futurisma

The introduction to this track seems so futuristic. If that was the point, it nailed it. The length of the song is perfect, in that it keeps you satisfied. There’s no boredom here; the second you feel it coming on, the song changes tune just enough to keep you gripped. This is a daydream inducing track – it definitely took me there! The video is also pretty awesome. It’s fan-made and fits perfectly with the music.

Miami Nights 1984 – Elevator Of Love

This track will take you back to the 80’s. They’ve implemented a ton of cool effects, which may be cliche for some, but I thought they pulled it off really well. I’m also loving the bassline in this song. and the ending is sublime – feels like it’s fading into the sunset!

If you’re a fan of synthesizers and the 80’s, you’re gonna love this one! It wouldn’t be out of place on GTA Vice City. There’s also another fan-made video here that is worth checking out.

Lazerhawk – Overdrive

This song is Arcade song masterpiece. The buildup is executed perfectly, after which the synth solo kicks in – and it’s magnificent. Really energetic song with high repeat value. Also feels as though a story is being told with this one (the car chase in the video is apt.).

Perturbator – “She Is Young, She Is Beautiful … “

Badass. I love the darkness and the machine feel from it. Reminds me a little of The Terminator soundtrack (but in no way is it a rip-off). They also incorporated those 80’s effects, which again could be a turn off for some. I’d place this one in the final boss fight of an 80’s video game.

Kavinsky – Nightcall

Mysterious. Dark. Genius. Correct me if I am wrong, but I do believe this song’s first screen appearance was on the film “Drive”, which was a perfect fit. This is the song that dragged me – and undoubtedly others – into this genre. Unfortunately, I killed this one with my constant repeats, but it definitely left me wanting more.

Written by: Arturo Alvarez

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