CoroCoro Magazine has leaked two new Pokemon for Sun and Moon. One called Nekkoala, and based on the name yes its a Koala. The second, is Iwanko a puppy like Pokemon.

corocoro7161Nekkoala, is a Half Awake Pokemon. He is a Normale type that has the ability Definite Sleep which prevents it from being afflicted with  any other status other than sleep.

I’m not going to lie this new Pokemon is a little cute to me. It’s basically doing what I’d like to do  all day and that be asleep. I will definitely be adding Nekkoala to my Sun and Moon team and seeing where he/she will take me.


corocoro7163Iwanko is a Rock type Pokemon that has the the chance of having one of two abilities, Keen Eye or Vital Spirit. Iwanko, guessed off the name is a dog Pokemon.

Something about dog type Pokemon along with a few cat type Pokemon warms my hart and I always have a hard time deciding wither or not to add them into my team. The interesting thing to notice here is that I think this is the first rock type dog we will be seeing in Pokemon.

Seeing these new Pokemon has gotten me excited to see what else Sun and Moon has in store for us. I also cant wait to see what the English names for these Pokemon will be along with what there Pokedex entries will say about them.

When more information about these two pokemon come out I will be adding it to this page so stay tuned as the weeks go on. Also for more pokemon news please visit Serebii for all your Pokemon needs.

Written by: Martin Porras

Just your avid Video Gamer and Anime watcher.

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